Grand Ole Farewell
I took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry and got to go behind the scenes. It was fascinating to see where the performers rehearse and the hallways of displays, including the plates on the wall where each member's name is showcased. As you pass by the wall of fame, you're surprised by who's had the Opry honor and perhaps you look for some names thinking they're part of the Opry only to discover they're not.
During the tour you get to take a peek into the dressing rooms and you certainly get a country feel when you see how they're decorated. They were all pretty damn cool so I can't exactly say I have a fave.
As the tour continues, you're greeted by historic photos from the decades of performances and radio broadcasts and hear about the deep history the Opry has for music and Nashville.
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And last but certainly not least: Rhonda Vincent.
She's been on the radio with me a few times and when we talked about her induction a few months ago, I hadn't fully realized how big of a thrill it is for a music artist. When we later got together on her tour bus, she told me that being welcomed to the Opry is bigger than winning any kind of music award. Some artists keep their eye on the Opry prize and it changes their life, she said.
Having been on the radio for 15 years and listened to country music all my life, I was familiar with the Grand Ole Opry. I knew about its history and importance to the country and bluegrass communities. What I didn't know was how many Opry members I'd met and/or interviewed on the radio over the years. It's incredible to know that I'm on a first-name basis with some music legends. During my visit to Nashville, I got to meet up with Rhonda Vincent who was inducted last year but didn't get the honor until this year because of the pandemic. We chatted this past winter about her excitement and I got to experience in person during my visit to Music City.
Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts signs off after 15 years... from Nashville.
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