Late last year, I decided my radio career would come to an end. And by that I meant hosting my syndicated show, Top of The Charts. So much has changed in music and the entertainment world that I was going through the motions and my heart wasn't in it anymore. Earlier this year when we started discussing how I would sign-off from the show, we had several different ideas that we considered. We even started working on some of the content, only for me to be unhappy with the programming. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it just didn't feel like the right way to say goodbye. The idea of visiting Nashville and then taking it one step further by hitting the Opry stage was a perfect fit. I wasn't sure if we could make it happen but, yup, we did. And it was incredible!
With the time counting down to the show at the Opry that night, I couldn't linger and soak up the moment. Maybe the thought of throwing myself on the stage and refusing to leave came to mind, but I didn't act on it. When you walk out there and stand in the big auditorium and the lights are on you and there's silence in the room, it's a little spooky but you instantly feel the history that is the iconic stage.
I think Rhonda is my new BFF. We had such a great time on her bus chatting and taking goofy photos. Yes, she had me in her bed. Don't tell my husband!
JB chats about the Opry
Looking at the clock ticking, my countdown was on. I thought about what to say in those final moments on the air. I considered scripting something on the plane to Nashville. I was even thinking about jotting notes while we drove to the Opry from the hotel. In the end I decided to wing it. Honestly, I don't remember what I said, but I remember saying thank you over and over. As is typical in broadcasting -- especially during a live show -- there's limited time and sometimes that can be a distraction. How do you cram 15 years of memories into a minute and a half? You don't. You can't. You say what you're feeling in that moment, and I did.
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Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts signs off after 15 years... from Nashville.
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