Science IS fun
I'd heard of 3-D printers but never seen one in action... until we stopped by the Innovation Incubator. I was amazed at the different toys and gadgets that could be made seemingly out of thin air. I don't know that I'd have the creativity to make something but it was fun to see what other people have come up with. There are lots of hands-on elements here.
JB chats about the center
At first I thought Adventure Science Center would just be for kids. Maybe it is to a certain extent but adults can have a fun time, too. Turn me loose in anything I can light up or make loud and I'm all in. I conducted an orchestra, made music and even participated in an American Idol-type singing challenge to see if I was pitchy. I'm not telling you how I did so don't bother asking.
One of the loudest areas -- but seemingly the most fun -- was the Tinkering Garage where you could build a contraption and take it home. Just walking through the sound was overwhelming but I imagine when you're focused on your creation you don't notice it.
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