A salute to the divine Patsy Cline
Right across the street from my hotel is the Patsy Cline Museum. It's in the same building as the Johnny Cash Museum. Visiting the two of them back to back was interesting. You get a glimpse at two completely different lives and music careers. Upstairs at the Cline museum, guests are treated to memories of her elegant fashions and even what her homelife was like. Coincidentally, she had the same drinking glasses as my grandparents. That's pretty wild.
It's also remarkable to see the letters Cline wrote to her fans when they sent her mail. There's something so classy about a handwritten letter, right?
The timeline of her life is on display and what's interesting is that while she was only 30 when she died, there is a great history outlining what happened after her passing. Even though she was only around for a short time, it's a stark reminder of how much she accomplished in her young life.
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I have to admit, seeing the old household items took me back to my grandparents' house and the decor that still exists to this day all over their home.
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