Getting wild
Everyone knows I love animals, so if we're visiting a city with a zoo, it goes without saying that I'll stop by to check it out. I will admit, however, that I've never had my face painted at a zoo... until Nashville!
One of my first observations about Nashville Zoo at Grassmere was that it's very green. Lush trees, plants and flowers greet you wherever you go. You'd almost think you were at a garden and not a zoo. It's quite tropical and feels very natural.
There was something so calming and peaceful about seeing the flamingo exhibit... until the little girl started screaming. Yes, a child was walking along when she spotted a little snake and instantly made everyone's ears ring with her high-pitched scream. The small snake slowly slithered along until it crossed the walkway. No harm was done to anyone or anything... except maybe our eardrums.
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There are animals, critters and creatures from around the world. The fun thing about Nashville Zoo is the interactive exhibits where you can literally reach out and touch some of them. Even though I love animals, I always have a fear that I'll be that guy that the bird pecks at or the goat nips at. Thankfully I was not harmed during my trip.
These petting zoo enclosures always make me wonder if the animals like humans coming around and touching them. The experience in Nashville made me think that they do like interacting with us. Perhaps they're expecting us to feed them, but animals came to me and followed me around the whole time. Then again, they could've been expecting to make a break for it right behind me. Nobody got away though!
Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts signs off after 15 years... from Nashville.
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