Here's Johnny
I had no idea there was so much creative work that went into an album cover. The displays at this museum highlight the process and give you a glimpse into Cash's personality. Partner that with hallways of his albums and records and you can't help but feel you're in the presence of someone great. I had to stop for a moment when I recognized one of the albums from my childhood. I texted my mom and asked if she still had the record. She does!
JB chats about the museum
The Johnny Cash Museum is right across the street from my hotel. Each day when I go through the lobby I see people lined up outside waiting to get in. Thankfully we have connections so I didn't have to wait and got a VIP tour! This museum is on the main floor while the Patsy Cline Museum is on the second. The Cash museum spans his decades as an iconic musician and gives visitors an interactive and hands-on opportunity to appreciate his art. The technology is wild and gives users a remarkable way to experience his music. And for those who want to just sit back and enjoy it, they can do that, too.
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