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Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is everything a music lover could want. Practically every artist who has ties to country music or Nashville is featured in this spot. The galleries are constantly rotating so I can't even promise you'll be able to see what we're showing you on these pages. One of my first observations was straightforward: There's a lot of guitars here. That seems to be THE country music instrument. But there's also a few cars to check out. Really. Partner that with some retro fashions and you're basically in a time warp.
When we visit museums for our travel programming, we don't often get to spend much time at a venue. In this case, the hour and a half I spent on location didn't seem like enough time. This is a place you certainly need to slow down and take your time. There's so much to see, read and hear that for the full experience you need to ease up a bit. I eventually returned when we had some downtime so I could further explore the displays and truly appreciate the music experience.
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Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts signs off after 15 years... from Nashville.
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