What's fun about the hall of fame is that while it showcases the history of country music, it isn't limited to decades or generations ago. History, in this case, literally means months ago. When the pandemic all but crippled the concert scene and artists had to perform Zoom concerts from home, it made for some remarkable memories and moments to document in a museum. I guess it's only a matter of time before other museums pinpoint how the world changed thanks to the virus.
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If you didn't think country music was also about the fashion, you're dead wrong. I have a new appreciation for the costumes that performers wear on stage. Oftentimes we think they look cool in the moment but sometimes when you see them on display you wonder why the hell they made certain choices! Nevertheless, there are some memorable outfits you probably saw during concerts or on awards shows or in music videos.
Taylor Swift started out in country music and it seems that her heart is still in the genre. And she's now part of the museum with an interactive exhibit where people can make music. I asked how often she pops in or surprises guests -- thinking it would be never -- but was told she has made an appearance once or twice before. During our visit, sessions were still virtual but they were excitedly preparing for aspiring musicians to take part in the fun live and in person.
Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts signs off after 15 years... from Nashville.
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